Mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz sat down with Solomon Jones on 900AM-WURD a few weeks back to discuss where he stands on key issues in this election.

Mayoral candidate and former Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams discussed public safety, political campaign ads, and once again tackled the charter school debate in a recent interview on 900AM-WURD.

Speaking with Solomon Jones, Williams started by addressing crime, public safety, and tensions between the community and police. He mentioned the tragedy of recent events surrounding the deaths of Officer Robert Wilson III and Brandon Tate-Brown.

"I think that for anybody who's running for mayor, they have to accept the reality that it is a big city, and all of us feel and want to be safe in this city—police officers and the public," he said in his Mar. 23 interview. "What I want to do is make a practical approach to resolving the separation between police officers and our community and making it safer." (Listen for that quote at the 4:05 mark).

When asked about how to fund more charter schools when there are existing schools that cannot be paid for, Williams said that he "[doesn't] think anbody can morally say if there's a good school that's going to open, we shouldn't open it," regardless of school type.

To hear more on Williams' responses to the Philadelphia School Partnership offer to the Philadelphia School District, political campaign ads, and funding from political action committees (PACs), listen to the full interview here.

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