Chrissy Houlahan, a Chester County Democrat running for U.S. House, has launched her campaign ad on television, joining two other women congressional candidates in the Philadelphia suburbs on the air.

Houlahan's 30-second ad began airing Wednesday morning in the Philadelphia television market. It features Houlahan running at every stage of her life — grade school, the Air Force and in her professional life.

"My mom taught me to love math and science. I became an engineer on an ROTC scholarship. Then in the Air Force, I prepared for the aftermath of nuclear war," Houlahan says as she narrates the scenes of a younger version of her running. Then the video shows Houlahan as she looks today. "I was COO of a successful start-up. A chemistry teacher in North Philadelphia. Then led a literacy nonprofit. I'm Chrissy Houlahan and I approve this message because service is my life. Serving in congress will be about yours."

Houlahan is running in the Sixth District against Republican Greg McCauley to replace Republican Ryan Costello, who decided to not seek reelection.

Republican Pearl Kim, running in the Fifth Congressional district, and Democrat Susan Wild, running in the Seventh Congressional district. Currently Pennsylvania's congressional House delegation is all male.

Houlahan and McCauley are scheduled to speak at a candidates' forum at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Henrietta Hankin Library in Chester Springs.