Polls are now closed in New Jersey

The polls across the state, which were open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., are now closed. The results will be available shortly on Philly.com. Those needing information about voting or assistance can call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837).

State election, national spotlight

Primary day was a low-key affair. Some national outlets, however, covered the race, framing the election in terms of what it says about the national Democratic party and outgoing Gov. Chris Christie. Here are few national takes on New Jersey's gubernatorial race:

  • The Atlantic: The Governor's Race on Track to Give Democrats a Decisive Victory
    "While Democrats and Republicans have closely watched special elections in Kansas, Montana, and Georgia for signs of a liberal backlash in the Trump era, a governor's race in New Jersey on track to give Democrats a decisive victory has flown largely under the radar."

  • NPR: N.J. Gubernatorial Primary Seen As A Referendum On Gov. Chris Christie
    "Despite being considered one of the most important elections of 2017, the latest poll found a third of all voters still don't know enough about the candidates to form an opinion. And that even extends to the leading Republican, Kim Guadagno. She's been at Governor Chris Christie's side for seven and a half years."

  • New York Times: National Politics Hang Over Tuesday's New Jersey Primary
    "Despite the unique position in the political calendar that New Jersey holds and a mobilized progressive wing marching and protesting President Donald J. Trump in the streets week after week, voters have so far not truly embraced the election."

Key points

Earlier in the day, Politico New Jersey outlined seven things to watch for in Tuesday's primary: Christie fatigue, Murphy's margin, where Jim Johnson goes from here, the Republican nominee's relationship with President Donald Trump, GOP backlash in down-ballot races over the gas tax increase, Legislative District 40 and the NJEA's influence in Legislative District 31. – Emily Babay

Yes, there really was an election Tuesday

As recently as Monday, today's election was news to some New Jersey residents. NJ.com talked to voters and found that few were aware of primary day or the gubernatorial race.

Voters took first steps toward picking Christie’s successor

New Jersey voters got their first chance on Tuesday to decide whom they want to lead the state after Gov. Christie completes his tumultuous tenure in January.

The candidates hoping to succeed Christie, a Republican, spent the last day before the primary election campaigning across the state, making their final pitches to voters in diners and rallies from Bergen County to Atlantic City.

Voters' discontent with Christie — his approval rating has hovered around 20 percent for months — were expected to help make the Democratic nominee the favorite to win the general election. Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans, and in recent decades, two-term New Jersey governors have been succeeded by candidates of the opposing party. – Maddie Hanna and Andrew Seidman