A Philadelphia woman was arrested, along with nearly 50 other activists, during a protest Wednesday outside the White House. They were demanding that President Obama deny the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from the Tar Sands of Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and that he address climate change.

Some had chained themselves to the fence, and they refused to move when National Park Service police asked them to.

Eileen Flanagan, 50, of East Falls, said she joined the action because composting banana peels and taking shorter showers was not enough to blunt the effects of climate change. She said she was representing the Earth Quaker Action Team, a Philadelphia group that has been reviving its activist roots.

Arrested along with Flanagan were NASA climate scientist James Hansen, former NAACP chair Julian Bond, Sierra Club president Michael Brune, and 350.org founder Bill McKibben. Flanagan paid a $100 fine and was released. - Sandy Bauers