Gov. Christie on Monday said Donald Trump had offered a generous donation to a charity for Hurricane Sandy victims in response to a solicitation by New Jersey first lady Mary Pat Christie.

But reporters could not find a record of the contribution, and Christie's office later said the "governor misspoke this morning."

"Mr. Trump has given to other New Jersey charities, including the Drumthwacket Foundation," spokesman Brian Murray said in an email.

Speaking at a hotel near Cleveland, host of this week's Republican National Convention, Christie described the presumptive GOP presidential nominee as "extraordinarily generous," and said that when his wife was working to raise money after Sandy, "one of her first calls was to Donald Trump."

"And it wasn't a long phone call. He said, 'Mary Pat, I like Chris, but I'm scared of you.' He said, 'How much does the check need to be? Just tell me and I'll send it.' "

A spokesman for Christie declined to comment on the record whether the governor had intended to refer to the Drumthwacket Foundation, where Mary Pat Christie is president.

Mary Pat Christie also was president of the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund Inc., which raised $41 million "to support the recovery and rebuilding efforts of New Jersey communities impacted" by the October 2012 storm. The fund closed in March.

The Donald J. Trump Foundation did not list the Sandy fund on its 2012-14 tax forms as being a recipient of a contribution. It did report approving $20,000 for Drumthwacket, the official gubernatorial mansion in Princeton.

Christie and his family have not resided there, preferring to live in their Morris County house.

Robyn Brenner, the Drumthwacket Foundation's executive director, confirmed the Trump foundation's donations.

Murray, the governor's spokesman, did not respond to an email asking why Mary Pat Christie had not sought a contribution from Trump for the Sandy fund. The governor has said he has been friends with Trump for 15 years.

Trump has not donated any of his personal money to his foundation since 2009, according to the Washington Post, meaning the contributions to Drumthwacket came from donors to the Trump foundation.

Trump considered Christie as a possible running mate but last week chose Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Christie, who dropped out of the presidential race in February after a disappointing performance in New Hampshire, became one of Trump's first high-profile backers and is heading the campaign's transition team.

On Monday, Christie appeared to remain one of Trump's fiercest defenders.

Addressing Michigan Republicans at a breakfast in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Christie said, "All these wild things that you hear some of the mainstream media tell you about Donald Trump I can tell you from my personal experience are just not right." Then he shared the Sandy story.