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Exit polls: Blacks, Hispanics and millennials less passionate for Clinton

Exit polls indicate Hillary Clinton drew less support than President Obama had among blacks, Hispanics, and millenials, all considered key to her winning.

Clinton clearly had the backing of most African Americans on Tuesday, according to CNN polling, and she outdrew Donald Trump by 11-1. But the  enthusiasm for her candidacy paled in comparison to the love lavished on Obama in his victory over Mitt Romney in 2012.  Clinton drew 88 percent of black voters compared with Obama's 93 percent.

Hispanics also were less enthusiastic about Clinton than they were about Obama, according to CNN exit polls.

Though Trump had painted Mexicans with a broad brush, calling them rapists and illegal aliens, he earned marginally more support from Hispanics than Romney had in 2012, according to CNN. Clinton outpolled Trump, winning about 65 percent of the Hispanic vote. Trump collected 29 percent. In the last presidential run, Obama drew 71 percent while Romney garnered 27 percent.

Millennials also did not rally behind Clinton with the same passion they showed for Obama. Among voters ages 18 to 29, Clinton scored 54 percent. Obama collected 60 percent of their votes in 2012.