Temple University police are trying to identify a person of interest captured on video surveillance in connection with the posting of three racist fliers around campus this week.

The person, possibly a woman, is shown riding a red bicycle and wearing a dark-colored outfit and helmet.

"First, let me state once again the university's position: These fliers were disgusting, intimidating and hateful, and they have no place on our campus," said Richard M. Englehart, university president, in a statement issued Friday afternoon.

"Events like these are deeply disturbing and require a strong response," Englehart said. "They are also opportunities for us to show the world how members of the Temple community come together to fight bigotry and hatred. We will not allow such incidents to define us."

The crudely printed fliers stated: "Hey you stupid N—s Bernie would have won if it wasn't for you. Seriously, f— you all. This is all your fault."

The message refers to the bitter primary contest between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the assertion that Sanders would have defeated Donald Trump in the general election. African American voters largely favored Clinton.

The first public report about the fliers came from a Temple student on Wednesday.

Anyone with information about the person in the images can contact Temple University police at 215-204-1234 or through the police tip line at 215-204-6493.