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Poems by Walter Pinder

March 16th, 2008

I Am the Black Rose

More rare than a Four Leaf Clover

Blooming only once in a lifetime

Surrounded by a bush full of

Roses the color of Blood

As majestic as a Unicorn

As mysterious as Ghosts at Midnight

Amazing in my beauty

But dangerous as a tiger

Thorns as hard as Diamonds

And sharp as a Double Edged Sword

Not as Easily forgotten

Like the most Cherished Memory

Of a Lost Loved One...

August 24th, 2006

I am the war widow

I am the newly made orphan

I am the aborted unborn child

I am the life changing accident

I am the hit and run victim

I am the gun shot victim

I am the unsolved murder victim

I am the mother of children taken by the streets

I am the victim of rape

I am the man who has lost everything

I am the molested 3 year-old

I am the promising young man who has been killed

I am the overdosed addict

I am the family left behind

I am the fatherless child

I am the victim of domestic abuse

I am sad infinite

I am the suicidal teen

I am the desperate parent

I am depression

I am the loss of hope

I am the lost

I am the tired of living

I am tragedy

Where I strike only pain is left behind

But where there is pain there is strength

For with weakness comes strength

Without tragedy there is no life

For Life is filled with tragedy and it is up to us to become strong with pain