After a Pennsylvania state trooper, Michael Evans, pleaded guilty in 2000 to assaulting six women and teenagers, an investigation revealed that his attacks grew worse while supervisors discounted warnings about his behavior. The State Police ultimately paid more than $6 million to settle lawsuits. Documents disclosed in the suits revealed a pervasive, systemic breakdown in which abusive officers faced little or no discipline and top commanders were implicated as abusers.

The scandal prompted the state's Office of Inspector General to issue a comprehensive report in September 2003 that provided an exhaustive accounting of the issue and recommended many reforms. To read the report, go to

Before the litigation was settled, a federal judge issued two critical rulings in which she discussed the facts of Evans' career - and how the state police responded to warning signs about him.

The November 2003 ruling by U.S. District Court Cynthia M. Rufe may be found at

Her subsequent ruling, from June 2004, may be found at:

In September 2004, the state police settled the lawsuit - and also announced reforms. To read the State Police's official announcement of the settlement, go to:

The state hired Kroll Associates, a consulting firm, to oversee reform implemented by the State Police as a result. To read the four reports issued by Kroll Associates between March 2004 and February 2005, go to: (PDF, on the state's Web site.)