The candidate: U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, Democrat.

The ad: "Rec Center," a 30-second spot.

Producer: Ken Snyder Communications & Media, Philadelphia.

Script and images: "Bob knows it takes more than just being tough to get a good handle on crime," says D.A. Lynne M. Abraham. POV switches to Brady talking to schoolchildren: "We're going to have after-school programs in every rec center in every neighborhood in the city of Philadelphia." The next frame features people applauding. Abraham again: "I know Bob will do something else. He'll include everybody at the table." Brady is shown speaking in a hallway. "My anticrime summit already produced 1,000 jobs for our young people," he says. Then, Brady observes two girls working at a computer. Abraham reappears, saying, "I think that Bob is the kind of fresh leadership that Philadelphia needs." Brady is shown in front of a chalkboard with chemistry problems on it. In the next frame, Brady pumps his fist as he talks. "We're going to make our schools safer for our kids and our teachers," he says. Camera switches to Abraham: "Bob Brady's the mayor who will do something." Brady's smiling face fills the closing frame.

Analysis: Brady already has promised to hire more police, parole and truant officers. This ad is meant to establish his softer crime-fighting side. Look, he loves kids! Brady's campaign estimates that his plan to expand after-school programs to more recreation centers would cost $5 million yearly, financed with unspecified state and federal grants and private contributions. Brady, the city Democratic chairman for 21 years, is "fresh" leadership? - Thomas Fitzgerald