The latest winter storm left the Philadelphia region caked in ice, prompting officials to delay openings at hundreds of schools and making walking and driving dangerous Thursday morning.

Then around 10 a.m. the temperature in the city went above freezing for the first time in two weeks and the ice started to melt.

The thaw is under way.


While Monday night's freezing rain created an ice rink for commuters on Tuesday morning, the rest of the week's forecast looks like it will finally begin to melt the slow and slush away.

Tuesday's high will reach a balmy 42 degrees before a low of 25 settles across the Philadelphia region, according to the National Weather Forecast.

Wednesday will get up to nearly 40 degrees before warming up to nearly 50 degrees Thursday. Friday's expected high of 58 degrees with a high possibility of rain will be a stark contrast to last week's deep freeze.

But it looks like another period of subfreezing temps will begin Sunday.


Philadelphia public schools opened on time. Archdiocesan schools in the city opened two hours late. Hundreds of schools outside the city also had delayed openings.


Major highways that have been treated were reported to be in good condition. Secondaries, side streets and sidewalks that have not been treated were icy before the thaw began.

Mass Transit

Plenty of delays but no major problems reported. SEPTA and PATCO are advising passengers to be careful on platforms, parking lots and walkways.

How to walk on ice.
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How to walk on ice.