Guys aren't the only ones who rate and rank sexy women.

The Web site, which is geared to lesbian and bisexual women, recently published its second annual "Hot 100: The Sexiest Women, According to Women."

After more than 100,000 visitor votes were tallied, No. 1 was Tina Fey, the Upper Darby-born talent who springboarded from Saturday Night Live writer and comedian to being writer, star and producer of NBC sitcom 30 Rock; writer and star of the movie Mean Girls; and star of recent release Baby Mama.

"Mix it all together with some awesome black-rimmed glasses and bicurious shoes, and you've got a new lesbian icon," says the AfterEllen writeup. "Smart, sexy, funny and down-to-earth: That's what lesbians like!"

Last year, when the poll debuted, Fey finished No. 7.

The rest of the top 5: The L Word's Jennifer Beals, AfterEllen vloggers actress Jill Bennett and comedian Bridget McManus, and last year's No. 1, L Word actress Leisha Haley.

Only the latter three are openly gay, according to

Fey and her husband, Second City director Jeff Richmond, have a daughter, Alice, who'll turn 3 in September, according to

This year, the top 5 of the men's mag Maxim, just for comparison purposes, were (1) supermodel Marissa Miller, (2) actress Scarlett Johansson, (3) actress Jessica Biel, (4) actress Eva Longoria and (5) actress Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Further proving how much tastes vary, FHM's top 5, in its June issue, doesn't repeat a single name from either list. Its picks: (1) model Megan Fox, (2) actress Jessica Alba, (3) model Keeley Hazell, (4) actress Elisha Cuthbert, and (5) actress Hayden Panettiere.

Ellen DeGeneres, whose coming out on her sitcom inspired, finished No. 17 in its poll. The website has no official affiliation with the talk-show host.