While you were working, New Jersey's former Luv Guv Jim McGreevey and his not-yet-former wife Dina Matos McGreevey, four years after the Gay American speech, continued to produce sound and fury in state Superior Court in Union County.

Turns out both of them are rather bad with the money.

In that neither one of them seems to have any, which makes the whole business seem like a collossal waste of time.

McGreevey claims he is $415,863 in debt. Matos McGreevey claims she owes her attorney $250,000.

Dina wants to return to the custom in which she lived before he quit the post in August 2004 after putting his lover-or-then-again-not on his payroll. Before that she was living in the lovely governor's manse Drumthwacket -- which is Celtic for "Princeton is not New Jersey." She's asking for more than $50,000 monthly in support.

Now, her life is very different.

"Well. Obviously, I don't have the state vehicles. No driver. No security. No housekeeper. No staff. No chef," she said on the witness stand, the Newark Star Ledger reports. "Now I pay a mortgage, utilities and all the household expenses."

Just like other citizens.

In prior testimony, McGreevey revealed that he continues to be a kept man, first by the state, and now by his beau, Mark O'Donnell, whom he owes $250,000 for rent, taxes and legal bills. They live in a Plainfield, N.J. designed by Frederic Law Olmstead. McGreevey has earlier testifed that he's had trouble finding work.

Therefore, he's attending Episcopal seminary to become a priest.

One more way to have other people pay his bills.

Matos McGreevey fought today with McGreevey's attorney, Stephen Haller, after he charged her with being a nuisance to the governor.

"Was this about the time when you began calling Mr. McGreevey 20 times a day that campaign staffers thought you were a stalker," Haller asked.

Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy asked them to stop bickering. "I am going to control this cross examination, alright," the Newark Star Ledger reports. "I will walk off this bench. I've done it before."

This thing has dragged out for almost four years. Can't they get this over and be done with it?