Hello, Philadelphia. As you may have noticed, it's really, really cold. Unfortunately, it's not going away anytime soon, and we could even see some snow this weekend. Bundle up!

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— Aubrey Nagle

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'Tis the season for sharing your personal "best of" lists with family and friends. What was your favorite book? Which music rocked your world?

Our staff has rounded up their favorites, from Philly's own Lil Uzi Vert to movies for the #MeToo age. Now, let the heated debate begin!

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After struggling to survive all too recently, two black-owned bookstores in Philadelphia — one believed to be the nation's oldest — are staging a comeback.

Two years ago, Hakim's Bookstore in West Philadelphia almost closed. Earlier this year Black and Nobel thought they might have to close, too.

But with a little community help and a few innovative retail strategies, they're both hoping to keep their traditions alive.

» READ MORE: Philly sues Defense Dept. over gun-check system failures

New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia have teamed up to file a federal lawsuit against the Department of Defense. The suit argues that many service members who are disqualified from gun ownership weren't reported to the national background check system.

The suit follows last month's mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where a former U.S. Air Force member was able to buy a rifle and kill 26 churchgoers. The Air Force failed to alert the FBI to the shooter's criminal history, which should have prevented the purchase.

"The background check system only works if it contains the proper records," Mayor Jim Kenney said of the suit.

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"This is just wrong. People who never miss a day of work shouldn't get awards and certificates. They ought to be publicly shamed." — Author and librarian Roz Warren reminds you to stay home from work if you're sick, for everyone's sake.

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Your Daily Dose of | Mystery

The biggest art heist in U.S. history saw $500 million worth of art stolen from a Boston museum, and the loot was last tracked to Philly. Now time’s running out to collect $10 million for information on the cold case.