Welcome to Wednesday, friends. There's plenty to catch up on this morning, including sobering updates from yesterday's shooting in California and fresh accusations against Philadelphia Sheriff Jewell Williams. Take a deep breath and dive in but don't skip the happier fare. A few tales of local do-gooders restored my faith in humanity for the day.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Cheyney University, nation’s oldest HBCU, in trouble

Cheyney University, the nation's oldest black college, is failing. Enrollment is plummeting, and the students that do attend are left riddled with debt. Fewer than 20 percent go on to graduate within six years.

Can the school survive? Alumni have rallied to save it, but if the school's accreditation is revoked in a hearing Thursday, the 180-year-old school would almost certainly close.

So, where did it all go wrong? An Inquirer and Daily News investigation into years of court records, audits, interviews, and federal data tell a grim story of mismanagement. Failing to open thousands of student applications and mishandling millions in federal grants are just the tip of the iceberg.

» READ MORE: Investigators say Amtrak’s lax safety culture led to fatal crash

A National Transportation Safety Board investigation lambasted Amtrak after it found 20 safety violations that led to the fatal crash in Chester in April 2016. Two workers were killed as a result, and 39 people on the train were injured.

The NTSB said Amtrak created a culture of fear among employees that led to lax safety measures. If not safety, what was Amtrak's priority? On-time performance.

The damning report follows a few years under the spotlight for Amtrak, after the 2015 derailment of one of its trains in Philadelphia killed eight. That accident drew attention to an automated speed control system that could have prevented it. Called Positive Train Control, that technology was in place where the Chester crash happened.

» READ MORE: Undercover Gangster: Another Twist, Another Crime

A surprising revelationand another crime scenegreet a detective chasing a manipulative gunman. The third chapter in David Gambacorta's five-part series "Undercover Gangster" is now available.

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"People who are 'dealing marijuana' are essentially running small-scale wholesale-to-retail delivery services, almost like farm-to-plate." Philly420 columnist
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