Good morning, Philadelphia. I spent the weekend in sunny Florida and would've stayed, too, but nobody sold soft pretzels for breakfast. But then I heard it's about to get very, very cold here and I officially regret my decision.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Adults with disabilities, and their families, face a crisis

Parents of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities call their 21st birthdays "falling off the cliff." That's when their entitlement to education in a regular school setting ends   and the predictable schedule, supervision, and services with it.

After that, families end up on waiting lists for the services their adult children still need. In Pennsylvania there are 13,700 families waiting for government help in the form of waivers exchanging their right to state institutional care for at-home or community care. There aren't enough waivers to go around, and institutionalization costs the state (and tax payers) five times as much.

Columnist Ronnie Polaneczky's new four-part series, Falling Off the Cliff, explores how families are dealing with this crisis and how the system could be changed for the better. We'll be taking a look at the series all week, but you can read all four parts right now.

» READ MORE: Eagles’ winning streak ends in Seattle

It was a rough night for the Birds. Seattle ended the Eagles' nine-game winning streak, capitalizing on the Eagles' sloppiness to win 24-10. Russell Wilson dominated the field and Carson Wentz made mistakes all game long, including committing two turnovers.

Columnist David Murphy writes that the Wilson-Wentz match-up was a preview of things to come during playoffs, a somber reminder that winter is coming. But, as reporter Jeff McLane notes, coach Doug Pederson made his fair share of mistakes last night, too.

The Eagles are no longer alone with the league's best record, and now share it (10-2) with the Vikings and the Patriots. They face the Rams next week.

» READ MORE: How the GOP tax plan will affect Philly, suburbs

Senate Republicans passed their tax bill Saturday now what? Well, first they'll have to reconcile their version with the House bill that passed in mid-November before it can move on.

Democrats are united in their opposition to the bill, which, among other sweeping changes, will cut the top corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. Although, just hours after it passed, President Trump suggested he's open to changing that.

How will the final bill affect you?  State and local tax deductions may be reduced or eliminated, many people could move to a lower tax bracket, and college costs could rise. The Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs are recommending taxpayers take some defensive steps now, including paying 2017 state and local tax liabilities in full by the end of the year.

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