It's Thursday, folks. Yet more public figures have been accused of sexual harassment. We're following this and more today as we slowly inch toward the weekend.

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Matt Lauer fired, Trump tweets ensue

Today host and long-ago Philly talk show host Matt Lauer was fired Wednesday for "inappropriate sexual behavior;" his co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Koth delivered the news on air. Hours later, Variety published a report of sexual harassment allegations that included dozens of interviews with current and former staffers.

President Trump took the opportunity to tweet that MSNBC president Phil Griffin and Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough should be fired, too. (This was after he retweeted three videos from a fringe nationalist party in Britain.)

Former "Prairie Home Companion" host Garrison Keillor was also fired Wednesday by Minnesota Public Radio for improper behavior. Also, a fourth accuser has come forward against Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D., Mich.). Yes, it's been just a week since Charlie Rose was fired, too. And experts say the days of doubting sexual harassment victims aren't over. Sheesh.

» READ MORE: Advocates, victim’s parents call for action following cyclist’s death

After the loss of 24-year-old Emily C. Fredricks, killed by a trash truck Tuesday while riding her bike at 11th and Spruce Streets, cycling advocates are demanding action and her parents ask that their daughter's death not be in vain. Dozens of people formed a human wall to create a protected bike lane in protest.

What is a protected bike lane, exactly? It's one with a physical obstacle, like flexible posts or a curb, between the car and bike lanes. Philly has 200 miles of bike lanes and about 2.5 of those are protected.

Why aren't there more? Money, politics, and often nearby residents who don't want to lose parking space.

Still, advocates say there are things the city could do right now to prevent future tragedies.

» READ MORE: Rep. Bob Brady mad about Temple marijuana deal

Rep. Bob Brady wants weed — grown in Philadelphia, that is. The Democratic congressman, who has been under FBI investigation, is angry that Temple University is looking at a Lancaster location for a new medicinal marijuana facility.

He's got a perfect locale in mind, too: a property controlled by his right-hand man Ken Smukler. Smukler is also the target of a related federal investigation.

It seemed a federal indictment could have been coming Brady's way over allegations of having paid a primary challenger to drop out of a 2012 race, among other charges. But just this week he found out the statute of limitations on many of those charges is up.

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