Happy almost-the-weekend. Already gearing up for the Eagles-Cowboys game? Before the fun begins, catch up on updates from the SRC (it's gone), the GOP tax plan (it passed), and Roy Moore (more accusations, that is).

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— Aubrey Nagle

» READ MORE: Mistrial in Sen. Menendez corruption case

It's a mistrial in Sen. Bob Menendez's corruption case. After a week of deliberation (and re-deliberation, following one juror's release), the jury said Thursday that it was deadlocked, again.

The Democratic senator from New Jersey was charged with accepting gifts from a Florida eye doctor in exchange for taking action on issues important to him. Menendez denied it all along, saying he and the doctor were just good friends.

Prosecutors have yet to announce whether they'd seek to retry the Senator. In the meantime, he's secure in his seat—until the 2018 elections, that is.

» READ MORE: School Reform Commission votes to self-destruct

In an historic move for Philly schools, the School Reform Commission, which has overseen schools in the city for the past 16 years, voted to disband last night. This is the first big step in Mayor Jim Kenney's plan for the city to take back control of its schools.

The state education secretary still needs to sign off, and then the SRC will be gone for good as of June 30, 2018. In its place, Mayor Kenney will appoint a nine-member local board. Parents are hoping the board will reflect the district it serves.

This decision is all about the cash: state control did not bring more money per student to Philly, and money wasn't distributed according to need. The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is so glad to see the SRC's end they held a rally yesterday to celebrate.

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After a long chase, a gunman heads to trial — and springs a final surprise. Dive into the final chapter of David Gambacorta's week-long true crime serial narrative.

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Chapter 4: Detective Joe Murray finally gets to interrogate Michael Lockhart and finds surprising information on the suspect's cellphone.

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