Happy New Year, Philadelphia, and welcome to 2018. Yes, it's still cold today and it will continue to be frigid all week. Might I suggest this recipe for DIY hand warmers to get you through the deep freeze?

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— Aubrey Nagle

Captain Carmen Maniaci Sr., center, dances with other members of the Avalon String Band.
Michael Bryant
Captain Carmen Maniaci Sr., center, dances with other members of the Avalon String Band.

Mother Nature wasn't in the mood for a parade. It was a cold one for the Mummers' annual New Year's Day strut, and only the most die-hard fans stuck it out for show.

But the frigid temps couldn't keep one Mummer away after taking a hiatus from marching last year following a health scare. A new team of marchers joined the parade, too: Santino's Dragons, an association composed of kids and teens with autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disorders made their debut with a sparkling purple dragon in tow.

Luckily, if you missed the parade you can catch a gallery full of highlights right here from the comfort of your own home. Wonderfully wacky costumes abound, of course.

It's official: 2017 is no more. That means it's time for promising ourselves we'll eat better or scroll less or read more. Want to make sure your New Year's resolution really works? Here's how to pick one that's ripe for success.

If you need a little extra help, check out this planner created by a local entrepreneur to keep you on track with your goals.

Refreshing your body and mind for the year ahead can help, too. From learning something new to focusing on sleep, we've got a few ideas for how to kick off 2018 on the right foot.

After Sunday's poor showing against the Cowboys, Eagles fans are wondering what's in store for the team as they head into the playoffs. Quarterback Nick Foles says he's still confident in his ability to keep winning despite the New Year's Eve loss.

While worried fans suggest backup QB Nate Sudfeld should step in for Foles, columnist Mike Sielski says it's the wrong move. Columnist Marcus Hayes thinks continued cold weather could be a boon for the Birds with home field advantage during the playoffs.

The Eagles' first playoff game won't be until Saturday, Jan. 13. Until then, distract yourself from worry with a look back at the season as told by Twitter.

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Omaha World Herald
Jeff Koterba
Omaha World Herald
"Selecting a new board is no easy task, but we can get it right, and when we do it will be a huge step forward for our schools and our children." — EducationWorks president and CEO Miles Wilson writes that the selection of the new Philadelphia school board is critical to its success.

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