Happy Friday, Philly. As you may have heard, it's still very cold outside. Today we're keeping an eye on the deep freeze settling over the region because it's here to stay for the weekend. It's time to bundle up and stay inside when you can, folks.

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— Aubrey Nagle

Philadelphia Firefighter Jeffery Kemm, center, uses his snowblower to make sure the driveway to Engine 37 in Chestnut Hill is clear of snow on Jan. 4, 2018.
Michael Bryant / Staff
Philadelphia Firefighter Jeffery Kemm, center, uses his snowblower to make sure the driveway to Engine 37 in Chestnut Hill is clear of snow on Jan. 4, 2018.

You may be done shoveling snow, but the "bomb cyclone" that dropped 3 to 5 inches in the Philly region and up to 17 inches at the Jersey Shore brought dangerous temperatures with it. Wind chills might not inch above zero until daybreak Sunday and gale force gusts are expected across the region Friday and Saturday.

SEPTA is running a Saturday-like schedule today for Regional Rail. Philadelphia public schools and Archdiocesan schools are closed. Despite a Code Blue, the opioid crisis means city officials are still working to get people off the streets in Kensington.

Could all the salt on the roads be messing with your sleep cycle? It's possible, scientists say. Extreme cold can mess with your car, too; here's how to avoid car trouble during the deep freeze. Whether you're staying in or venturing out, be sure to protect your skin from the cold this weekend.

Blossom Philadelphia's group home for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities had its operation license revoked in October. The facility has been under special state supervision ever since.

And yet a resident with cerebral palsy died on New Year's Eve after choking on a slice of pizza in what advocates are calling a "colossal failure." Relatives of residents have said that conditions at Blossom deteriorated after new management took over in 2014.

The tragedy speaks to the extreme difficulties many adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities face in finding good quality care after "falling off the cliff" into adulthood.

The weekend is here. Will your New Year's resolution make it to Monday? If you're starting at a new gym to kick off 2018 you'll need to know these unofficial rules of the gym.

There are other exciting ways of exercising, of course: check out local walking tours and themed yoga classes that will have you feeling in shape and in the know.

Still need a New Year's resolution? Try a digital detox. Possibly thanks to politics, people are unplugging in 2018 and experts have tips on how to do it.

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