President Trump is headed to Pennsylvania for a rally tonight, so my colleagues Jonathan Tamari, Andrew Seidman and Holly Otterbein triple-teamed an in-depth report on Luzerne County, where he'll be supporting Republican Senate candidate U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta. The county's significance in local and national politics is not to be underestimated. Also not to be underestimated: the local effects of climate change. A look at historical data in relation to Philadelphia's recent extreme weather shows a scary pattern emerging of hotter summers and snowier winters. It's a share-worthy read.

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» READ MORE: Trump returns to Luzerne County today

The importance of Luzerne County in Pennsylvania and national politics is back in the spotlight today as President Trump visits Wilkes-Barre for a rally.

No other county in the state that supported Obama moved as drastically toward Trump in the 2016 election as Luzerne did, and it helped him win. If Trump lost support in Luzerne, he'd likely lose Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, Trump's rally in Florida became a coming-out party for a group wearing "We are Q" shirts. They referenced Qanon, a conspiracy theory about "deep state" government insiders.

» READ MORE: Philadelphia is getting hotter, wetter, and snowier at the same time

It's not just you: the city really is getting hotter. We're also seeing more rain and snow, a pattern of record-breaking and extreme weather that's linked to climate change.

Want to see the evidence? Historical data (corralled into handy interactive diagrams) lays it all bare. One stark example: from 1874 to 1986, temperatures hit or surpassed 90°F at least 40 times in one year only twice. From 1987 to 2017, it happened seven times.

It may seem contradictory — more snow and more heat? — but it all comes back to the planet getting warmer.

» READ MORE: Philly immigration judge replaced after delaying man’s deportation

The local immigration lawyer community is shaken and a group of 15 retired judges has released a letter of protest after the replacement of a Philadelphia judge in a recent case.

The letter says the Justice Department removed Judge Steven Morley after he delayed a man's deportation and replaced him with a jurist who quickly ordered the defendant deported.

The ouster marks an attack on judicial independence by Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Justice Department, the judges wrote.

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