Drink lots of water and stay inside when you can: the heat wave continues today with temperatures expected to reach the mid-90s. Philly public schools will close early again today, too. Our top story this morning is on an odd trend you may have encountered around town: third-party retailers that look like Verizon-owned stores. They walk, talk, and act like Verizon stores…until they don't, and that's often at the register. We're also following big news this morning after Pennsylvania's attorney general made shocking comments about the Vatican.

— Aubrey Nagle (@aubsn, morningnewsletter@philly.com)

What if the Verizon store where you purchased your very expensive phone wasn’t actually a Verizon store, exactly?

Nearly 400 stores nationwide are Wireless Zones, a third-party authorized retailer that uses Verizon's branding and products but can set its own prices and policies.

The Verizon-owned and third-party stories often look alike, but there can be major (and expensive) differences for customers.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro appeared on two national news shows Tuesday to drop a bit of a bombshell: his office has knowledge that Vatican officials knew of efforts to cover up sexual abuse by priests in the state.

His remarks referred to particular references to the Vatican in parts of the grand jury report on clergy sexual abuse released earlier this month.

The statements come days after a former Vatican envoy alleged that Pope Francis had known of an American cardinal's sexual misconduct long before he was forced to step down.

Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which operates the giant South Philadelphia refinery complex and is often criticized for its air pollution, is trying to get green…er.

PES is teaming up with another acronym, RNG Energy Solutions, to convert food waste (the fattier and gassier, the better) into transportation fuel.

To do so, it's building a $120 million digester that can convert more than 1,100 tons of food waste into methane gas a day.

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