Former Cook County State's Attorney Edward V. Hanrahan, 88, whose political career was ruined when police assigned to his Chicago office killed two Black Panthers in a predawn raid in 1969, died Tuesday. The cause of death and other details were not immediately available.

Mr. Hanrahan, a Democrat, was seen as a potential governor or mayor before the raid on Black Panthers headquarters in a search for illegal weapons. Leader Fred Hampton and member Mark Clark were killed.

Mr. Hanrahan said members of the group had fired on police during the raid, pointing to bullet holes in a door. It was subsequently determined that the holes were actually nail heads. An investigation found that police had fired dozens of times; one shot came from people inside the headquarters.

Mr. Hanrahan was indicted on conspiracy charges after a special grand jury investigation. He was acquitted in 1972 but lost his bid for reelection that same year. He later ran unsuccessfully for mayor, Congress, and Chicago City Council. - AP