Claire Bluestein, a chemist and researcher whose 16 patents for new products ranged from processes for use in nail polish, dental caps and veneers, died June 1. She was 84 and lived in Brick, N.J.

Bluestein was the founder of CAPTAN Associates, specialists in adhesives and coatings, in Brick, and EPOLIN Inc., manufacturers of dyes, coatings and thermoplastic compounds, in Newark, N.J.

She was known for pioneering research that facilitated the nail-polish processes that today employ UV light, and helped design the processes that use handheld UV lights for such applications as dental caps and veneers.

A native Philadelphian, Bluestein graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1947, and received a master of science degree in 1948 and a Ph.D. in 1950, both in organic chemistry, from the University of Illinois.

She worked as a group leader and became manager of new technology at Witco Chemical Corp.'s central research and development facility in Oakland, N.J.

In 1975, she founded CAPTAN Associates, where she focused on emerging technology based on the use of infrared, ultraviolet and electron-beam radiation to cure coatings, inks and adhesives.

She was a member of the American Chemical Society.

Her husband, Bernard Bluestein, also a Ph.D. chemist, died in 1996. She is survived by four daughters, Rhona Esserman, Sherrie Schwartz, Hazel Bliss and Carol Bluestein, and two grandchildren.

Services: Were June 4. Burial was in Montefiore Cemetery, Rockledge.