Peter Cronkite, 22, grandson of the late CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite and the voice of Dennis the Menace, has died.

Colby College President David Greene says Mr. Cronkite, a student at the school, took his own life over the weekend in Waterville, Maine. He was weeks away from graduation.

Mr. Cronkite was sports editor of the campus newspaper and was on the rugby team. He was also a film enthusiast who, as a boy, served as the voice of Dennis the Menace in a 2002 animated movie.

Greene says Mr. Cronkite's love of athletics and his intelligence and personality "won him scores of friends and admirers." The student, he said, was due to receive a prize for excellence in his major, classical civilization.

Mr. Kronkite is survived by his parents, actress Deborah Rush and Chip Cronkite, and by his brother, Walter Cronkite IV. - AP