SINCE THE Virginia Tech shootings, I've heard arguments for and against more gun laws, but the ones who think arming everyone is the answer strike me as the most asinine.

They pull a few incidents over the last decade and say, "See! If everyone has a gun, this won't happen." But if everyone had a gun, violence and gun-related deaths would skyrocket because every altercation, bar fight and road-rage incident would be between people with a hot head and a gun instead of just a hot head.

Mike Deleo, Norristown

The right to bear arms should be eliminated from the Constitution. Access to guns is so easy, I can buy a couple in 15 minutes on the street.

No one cares because most of the people dying are poor or minorities. But as soon as it goes to the surburbs - and it will, just like rap music - lawmakers and citizens will start caring. Young black men are the new endangered species. Only cops should have guns - make it mandatory to lock up anyone with a gun and watch crime go down.

Victor Colon, Philadelphia

Let us vote on casinos

Like many lifelong Philadelphians, I've been a supporter of Mayor Street and Gov. Rendell.

But I'm terribly disappointed in them and our other leaders who, it seems, have deliberately circumvented the taxpayer's right to vote on the placement of casinos in our communities. This is a shameful betrayal of the people's trust. Have we learned nothing from Atlantic City?

Robert Fuller


The real Knox

I applaud the Daily News for giving people a look at the real Tom Knox.

He's used his past position and influence to make a nice buck off the city, well beyond his "dollar-a-year" salary that he likes to flaunt.

Jim O'Neill, Philadelphia

Constant makeovers

First it was get rid of Allen Iverson.

Next, it's the mayor, then the police commissioner and - hopefully, if we all keep our fingers crossed - we will have a new quarterback.

God, I love this city.

Andrew J. Dankanich