OBVIOUSLY, we need real leadership and real change for this city. Besides needing more police presence and protection on our streets, the only other answer is for much stricter consequences for these low-life criminals.

Why is it that the criminals seem to have more rights than the victims? Why is it that city employees and political figures, who really don't do any physical harm to anyone, get five-10 years in jail in the blink of an eye, yet cold-blooded murderers and dirtball muggers on our streets sometimes only get a slap on the wrist or they get put in jail for a couple of years and then just get out?

No wonder the gun violence is getting worse - there are really no consequences for these idiots - they do some jail time, then get out - if they even get convicted.

We need change in our government and laws. If someone kills in cold blood, why does he even get to live? Why does he get a chance at a trial and waste our tax dollars - when it's clear he is the killer?

Suzanne Carlin, Philadelphia