Last week we asked you if the moment of truth had finally arrived for 26-year-old socialite Paris Hilton, ordered to report to jail by June 5 for violating the terms of her probation in an alcohol-related reckless-driving case by driving with a suspended license.

SHE SHOULD have to face the consequences. If it were any everyday person, that person would serve time for blatantly disregarding the law. What makes Paris Hilton so special that she shouldn't be jailed? Her money?

She has a drinking problem and refuses to admit it. Is the system going to wait until she kills someone? She has been allowed to do what she wants for far too long and now it's time to pay the price.

Daddy's little girl needs to grow up and realize that money doesn't buy everything.

Mildred Mendez, Philadelphia

Paris SHOULD go to jail for violating her probation. She is rich and thinks she is above the law. She needs to be put in the prison population and not have any special privileges. You reap what you sow. It will be good for once not to see her in every magazine partying all of the time.

Renee Towns, Philadelphia

Jail time for Paris is definitely fair. She's been warned and now has to pay the consequences. She has to be made an example that you are not above the law. Maybe this will give her a dose of REAL reality.

Jeffrey Worthen, Darby

I think Paris got off with a slap on the wrist and her ignorant mother, who thinks she and her family are above the law, should have been sentenced, too, for asking the judge, "Can I have your autograph?"

I was hit by a drunk driver when I was 2. So, Paris, stop blaming everyone else for your wrongdoing and get a clue.

For someone who thinks she is all that, tell me why you don't even read what someone puts in front of you, and you just sign anything? Well, sign this letter that you are officially an inmate as of June 5, 2007. Maybe while you class-up yourself in your little cell, and learn to read.

Shawn Denard, Philadelphia

The poor girl says she's the victim - yes, the victim of her own stupidity. And we're the victims of the media's catering to Paris' "got to get my name in the papers" capers. We've all been had. Actually, four to five years would do her just fine!

"Seinfeld" was a show about nothing - and Paris is a young woman with nothing upstairs.

She deserves her sentence for being a public nuisance.

Herb Stark, Massapequa, N.Y.

The facts speak for themselves. This isn't about a celebrity but a spoiled brat, and no special favors are justified. A working stiff wouldn't have had the first-time leniency option for a first offense. Do the time! It fits the crime! Accept the responsibility, and please stop crying! See you in 45 days!

Thomas G. Lutek, Philadelphia

Leave Paris alone. She's got guts, and we all live off her every move. She is sorry for what she did. In this pressure-packed, terrible-news society, Paris is one bright spot we all adore.

Robert L. English


This should be a wake-up call for Paris. Her partying is out of control, and she should take responsibility for her actions.

But the judge is trying to make an example of her with a 45-day sentence. It's too harsh.

Probation and a couple of hundred hours of community service would be better. Singer Brandy killed a person with her careless driving - that deserves jail time.

Good luck, Paris.

Cheryl Gilbert, Oaklyn, N.J.

Paris should go to jail. She violated her probation. Stupidity and ignorance is no defense.

Hilton is an adult and should be treated as one. Black or white, rich or poor, she should be held accountable. (Her mother still treats Paris like a minor.)

Shawn Davis, Media