AS AN EX-Philadelphia assistant district attorney and practicing lawyer, I take exception to your article

"Drug suspect goes to work in court."

While I have no information on the facts or circumstances surrounding Ronald McCray's arrest, the attack made on the Honorable Earl W. Trent Jr. is unwarranted and unfair.

Court criers are not the employees of specific judges but work for and are assigned courtrooms by the court administration. To suggest that there is some connection between Mr. McCray and the rulings and verdicts issued by Judge Trent is just downright wrong.

As a matter of law, there is no legitimate reason why Judge Trent should have recused himself.

I have appeared in front of Judge Trent on too many occasions to count. I have seen him as both a family court and criminal court judge and have never seen him act in a manner that is either unprofessional or injudicious. To suggest that he doesn't find people guilty of drug crimes is simply absurd.

If the district attorney's office puts on a case and proves the accused guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, Judge Trent convicts them.

When they don't, Judge Trent does not. That shouldn't be described as a "problem."

It actually is called justice. To accuse a judge of inappropriate conduct and then hide behind "sources familiar with drug cases" is wrong. Your article smears an honorable and ethical judge. It may sell papers, but it's patently unfair.

Michael J. Diamondstein, Philadelphia

The marketplace speaks

So, we're supposed to feel sorry for Mr. Tatar because of his son's alleged involvement in the plan to attack Fort Dix, the business at his pizza parlor is, in his words, "99 percent dead"?

If the plot had worked, his business would still be "99 percent dead." But, thankfully, there won't be 99 percent innocent American families suffering.

Joe Matthews, Pennsauken, N.J.

The term "Eurabia" is becoming more prevalent as informed people begin to see what has happened in England, Belgium, France, Holland and Germany. When the fertile crescent flag flies over Long Island (one elementary school is already 80 percent Muslim), perhaps idealistic liberals will understand. Every time someone says a terroristic act is really just criminal, we move closer to getting our butts handed to us.

Bob Shapley, Phoenixville