BOB HARRIS' Nov. 24 letter tries another untestable theory as to how Officer Danny Faulkner was murdered. We seem to forget that Faulkner was the victim, not Mumia Abu-Jamal. While Mumia has been alive in prison for almost 26 years, Officer Faulkner has been in his grave.

Harris' theory that Kenneth Freeman may have been the shooter is ludicrous. Faulkner was shot in the back at close range by Mumia's gun. Faulkner, while on the ground, shot Mumia at point-blank range, not as he ran toward the scene, as Harris suggests. Simultaneously, Mumia's gun was fired at point-blank range into Faulkner's forehead. The only person who could have shot Faulkner twice at close range and been shot by Faulkner was Mumia.

Wesley (Mumia) Cook did not testify in his defense. His brother, William Cook, an eyewitness, refuses to testify. If I witnessed a murder, and my brother was accused, and I knew he was innocent, I would be the first on the stand to come to his defense.

How come William Cook has never said a word after a quarter-century? My untestable theories: William Cook did it and won't confess, or just won't come out and admit Mumia is Faulkner's killer.

Mike Lawler, Pottstown

Bob Harris has a suggestion on who killed Officer Faulkner: The man in the back seat of Cook's car did it, then ran away. Before he ran, though, he took Mumia's gun, then returned it to Mumia as Mumia sat on the curb where he was found still holding the gun registered in his name. Does that sound about right, Mr. Harris?

If that was truly the case, why didn't Cook or Mumia or anyone else throw that story at someone? I'm sure one of the hundreds of lawyers Mumia's had would have brought that fact up somewhere during the last 25 years. Then you add that this Mr. Freeman was one of the people in the MOVE house that allowed innocent children to die in the bombing by not letting them escape.

Don't bother saying that they would have been shot by police. If that was the case, why were Ramona and Birdie Africa, who escaped on their own and saved by the police, not shot?

I guess, sir, the only thing we really know is your story is full of baloney.

Rus Slawter, Philadelphia

A 'tweener,' left behind

Our school system preaches "No child left behind," yet it makes no provisions for that "in-between" child, the one who is on the brink, who could possibly go either way.

I know several children like Willie Taylor's son - Donyea Phillips, accused of shooting two officers - who are unruly, aggressive, or just plain disruptive. In other words, they don't fit the mold of a well-disciplined, respectful and "teachable" child.

But they haven't really done anything "wrong enough" to be put into "the system." I know several parents who are throwing up their hands, saying, "What else can I do?"

It's a blessing that Mr. Taylor's son didn't kill anyone, but it could have happened.

Sara S. Kirkland, Philadelphia