I'VE spent 40-plus years working with our gifted police department to save our youth at risk.

Your officers are heroes who accept the role of protecting society, Commissioner Ramsey. They are absolutely the finest police officers in this nation - yes, even better than Chicago's and Washington's.

I'm proud to be affiliated with heroic commanders, detectives, sergeants, special units and patrol officers. Chief Ramsey, before you rush into changes, take the time to assess the gifted officers you inherit from Sylvester Johnson on Jan. 7. Please give these noble guardians of our social fabric the same respect that Commissioner Johnson has for them.

Thank them, Chief Ramsey, for having served the great citizens of Philadelphia with class, dignity and grace. You couldn't have gotten a better job than commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department, an outstanding assembly of talent.

Greg Bucceroni and I are there in the midst of the gunfire and tragic carnage to help the finest police officers a nation can boast of. Reach out to us if you need anything, Chief Ramsey. God bless you and we salute police everywhere.

C.B. Kimmins, Mantua Against Drugs

Poor Edna

I can't begin to express my sadness over Edna the kidnapped dog. My tears did it all for me as I served coffee to my regular customers.

I realized there was nothing I could do to bring her home. My husband tried to console me by telling me that her suffering had stopped, and she is in heaven. But here is one thing I can do. In memory of her gentle spirit, I'm writing a check for $25 to her owner in hopes he'll put it toward a cause for dogs so that her merciless fate will generate some good and help another dog. I'm hoping other readers will find it in their hearts to do the same. Write a check in honor of Edna to Bill Whiting so he may direct the money in honor of Edna.

As for the boys who tortured and possibly killed her, isn't this the last thing you expected, something positive from the gentle spirit of the dog you really couldn't destroy after all? Must be your worst nightmare.

Donna Wanamaker, Phoenixville

What the gun votes meant

A clear message has been sent to Mayor Street, Gov. Rendell, Rep. Jewell Williams and all the other blind mice who continue to blame the butcher's knife for their missing tails instead of the farmer's wife who cut them off.

Officer Cassidy would be alive today if the man who held up that Dunkin Donuts with a gun had been locked away for a long time the first time he robbed that very same place only months before. The voting down of these ridiculous bills sends this message, gentleman:

We don't trust you with our taxes, don't trust you to protect us from crime, or to protect the lives of our children, and we sure don't trust you with our constitutionally guaranteed guns!

Stuart Caesar, Philadelphia