I'M THE nephew of William Barnes, one of the family members there to support him at his preliminary hearing that had to be continued at another date.

What'as bothered me most is the medical examiner's report saying Officer Barclay's death was due to the 1966 shooting. I find it unbeliveable that that was the determination. I thought an autopsy was needed to determine a cause of death.

The officer died from an infection at a nursing facility and no one looked into the possibility that the infection was right under their noses?

Was the facility up to regulations? Was there any neglect? How the DA's office doesn't investigate these things is beyond me. I spoke to Lynne Abraham on a radio show a few months ago and asked her why there wasn't an autopsy. She said something to the effect that the body had already been embalmed.

After hearing that, the DA should have said, we can't put the blame on Mr. Barnes. My uncle served his time for this crime and my heart truly goes out to the Barclay family, but this is an injustice. I just hope all of my uncle's supporter's keep fighting for him.

Joe Jordan, Lafayette Hill