AS SOMEONE who'd never heard of Alycia Lane until I saw her picture on the cover of the

Daily News,

I have a comment perhaps unburdened by other factors in the case.

According to your report, the affair started because the occupants of a taxi were enraged that other traffic was moving too slowly.

Yet again, the expectation that we have a right to drive the speed limit regardless of conditions is causing grief - thankfully not death in this case.

Andrew C. Dyson, Philadelphia

A 'militia' is us

Randolph Husava brings up the tired chestnut about the Second Amendment referring to a "militia" and not an individual right to own a gun.

This misinterpretation is the result of lack of understanding of the English language, in particular, the word "militia." A militia is not a military or police organization, but simple farmers, shopkeepers and landowners who lived in this country in the 1700s. In other words, just ordinary citizens.

We were given this right to preserve our freedom, not from street thugs, but from the government and military that, when given too much authority, could strip us of our God-given freedoms. How do you think the revolution got started, anyway? Remember, Mr. Husava, only citizens (meaning "militia") who are allowed to own guns can remain free.

Stuart Caesar


Vick comparison fails

On Dec. 11, there was a short article trying to show that Michael Vick's penalty was hasher than others.

It gave three examples of other people who have been either found guilty or pleaded guilty to animal-cruelty charges.

What the article fails to recognize is that none of the other people had also been charged with the actual murder of as many as eight dogs. Additionally, none of the people referred to bankrolled a dog-fighting operation, as did Michael Vick.

Maybe this is why Vick's penalty is more severe. It's not over for Vick, either. Wait until he goes on trial in Virginia. He can't even fight that one - he's already pleaded guilty.

He threw away his life and over $140 million for the purpose of his own bizarre and criminal behavior. I hope he gets another five years.

Thomas McElwee, Marlton, N.J.

Spare the rod . . .

I see where momsy and dadsy once again came to the rescue of "Boobies and Clumpy," otherwise known as the "Bonnie and Clyde" couple.

Maybe if momsy and dadsy would have turned them over their knees and given them a few good whacks when they were growing up, they wouldn't be in the mess they're in


Tom Woodruff , Oreland