ICAN'T imagine anything worse than being a coward.

Someone who cannot look himself in the mirror, who would be labeled as spineless, being as that they lack the heart to confront their enemies face to face. Most likely, the type of person who was ridiculed and beaten up on a daily basis. When you combine the coward, and mix in a heaping portion of racism, that is a special kind of pathetic.

The individuals who defaced and used racist graffiti in the Port Richmond neighborhood deserve nothing less than a public beating.

It is losers like these that elevate the racial tension in our world. People are less likely to trust those of another race for reasons like this. How can anyone be supportive of the KKK - the biggest bottom-feeders on the planet, who apparently enjoy the fact that they're walking ads for Clorox bleach.

Terry Saskin, Bensalem