TO THE racist trash in Port Richmond:

You are the biggest bunch of cowards I've ever seen and, worse, you make all people from Port Richmond seem like you. I'm smart enough to know that there are great people in your neighborhood who don't have a racist bone in their bodies.

I'm going to move to your block so I can raise the collective IQ. I dare you to vandalize my house, or to peep a racist word to me.

Paul Smith


What's with Ticketmaster?

I read the article on Dec. 18 about Ticketmaster starting their version of stubHub so that they can move into the lucrative world of ticket resales.

Just when I thought Ticketmaster couldn't get any lower, they prove me wrong. I can't believe it's legal for people to buy up a large portion of tickets to an event for the sole purpose of reselling them at an inflated cost.

Now, the very same people who sell the tickets in the first place want to get in on this highly unscrupulous practice.

William Fredericks

Pitman, N.J.

QB, or not QB?

Even though the season is basically over for the Eagles, there is room to work on the QB situation.

I suspect Donovan McNabb does expect to be traded at the end of the season, and I also suspect that Andy Reid wants to keep him for next year, when his knee will be healed.

The continuing problem is Reid's use of quarterbacks. Once a quarterback is named for a game, he stays in unless injured. That's fine if the quarterback is having a good game. If not, it makes sense to use a substitute QB for a while. It gives the named QB a chance to catch his breath, see what the problems are from the sideline, requires adjustments from the other teams and gives the sub(s) valuable playing time.

I also suspect that if McNabb had been pulled in games in which he needed help, the Eagles might still be in playoff contention. He showed enough at times so that his returns could have been valuable.

Walter J. Gershenfeld, Philadelphia

In praise of Vince Fenerty

I have been employed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority since 1988.

Throughout my tenure, there have been many changes in PPA, state and city administrations. The PPA was a predominantly black and Democratic domain when I was hired.

Vince Fenerty, a Caucasian Republican, was a minority employee. He endured racism and ridicule while working to initiate growth and development for the authority through his vision for expansion and program implementation.

He worked from within, from the bottom to the top. He knows what it takes to get the job done in each department. In his position as executive director, he has been fair and impartial. PPA is thriving. Leave him alone.

He deserves every cent of his salary. Vince Fenerty makes money the old-fashioned way, he earns it.

Robin Bass, Philadelphia