Daily News

and the letters in response to events every day and move on. This time, I just couldn't.

Miles Edwards (May 14) writes about the taped beating of three black men by Philadelphia police. He says he was appalled and asks where is the justice and the outcry?

I didn't like what I saw either, and I'm a white woman. But is calling for more outcry from politicians or the people the answer? What about the hundreds of men, women and children who are beaten, murdered and raped, whether they are white or black? Nowhere does he express sympathy for the slain officers and their families.

Mr. Edwards is part of the big racial divide that we still have today. I hope he's not teaching children his same beliefs. That's the real problem here.

Why does everything always come down to a black and white issue? We are all human beings and do not deserve to be shot down or beat up or raped no matter what color our skin happens to be.

Denise Marsico, Philadelphia

I've read many absurd letters in my years as a Daily News reader, many eliciting nothing more than a chuckle and head shake. But Jim Della Vecchia's May 9 gem ("A Great Debate About All Things Blue") takes the cake.

He obviously doesn't realize that not only does the "black community" include members of the same law-enforcement group but also hard-working men and women terrorized and violated by the same thugs who killed Officer Liczbinski. Black tears were shed at that funeral, too.

We get that you're not a Sharpton or Jesse Jackson fan, but don't spread baseless propaganda to a city that needs healing now more than ever.

Deric L. Adger, Philadelphia

Re Pat Brown, who claims that "white people" only write in when someone does something wrong.

What a racist comment. And how does Pat know the color of the person writing the letter anyway?

Gerald Jackson, Philadelphia