I'M ANGRY and concerned at the way I was treated at the taxi station at 30th Street Station recently when I was trying to get to Presbyterian Hospital for my first chemotherapy appointment.

Driver after driver refused to take me - saying they did not know where the hospital was. (I guess they all forgot that they have GPS - or maybe the line of expensive suits waiting behind me just looked like more important fares.)

Finally, after six or seven cabs refused me and absolutely no one offered any help, I entered the next cab and refused to get out until the driver agreed to take me to the hospital. He complained most of the way but then admitted that he didn't want to take me because it would cost him a "fat cat" fare to Wilmington.

When I got to the hospital and explained why I was late, the nurse told me that the taxis frequently do the same to them. But my biggest concern is what might happen to some other person even sicker than me and not as determined.

Will some person die because drivers don't take them? I would appreciate if you can help correct this situation - I was born in the city and now am ashamed of it.

Michael I. Mann

Stockton, N.J.