I 'M SICK of vigil after vigil.

On April 27, my sister lost a son by the hands of a lowlife who, as I write, is still out on the street to kill again. My nephew, Tyrone Miller, never hurt anybody, was a churchgoing, hard worker, and someone shot him down. Why? Whoever did this took a part of my sister, too. I just hope that the soul of the person who did this burns in hell.

Sgt. Liczbinski, doing his job of protecting the people of this city, was shot down by these cold-blooded criminals who should never have been on the street in the first place.

Louis Dillard, Philadelphia

Can no American, black or white, see reality? Kids in America are messed up because of trifling, ignorant parents and American society.

Just look at what's available for the entertainment of children. Games of extreme violence and crime, TV shows that promote teen sex, homosexuality, disrespect of parents and more TV shows that promote the most ignorant and abhorrent behavior possible.

We allow too many blanket freedoms, to the detriment of society. Parents who are so weak, or so lowly, that they allow mere children to dominate them, and exist as though the parents were the child and the child is the adult. Parents who are preoccupied with endeavors that have nothing to do with bringing up their children for success, nor giving them any moral values that are conducive to a decent world.

In the cities, the parents are pathetically naive, and pathetically, morally and educationally deficient. They generally are unmarried, substance abusers, promiscuous, physically unhealthy and mentally diseased (though undiagnosed).

What can the children of such people possibly learn about life? Just what you see: They're uneducated, violent, no respect for age or authority, no life skills. It's impossible for those raised in this manner to survive in a civilized society.

Darius Wright, Maple Shade