WITH respect to the venerable

TV Guide

column "Cheers and Jeers," I'd like to propose cheers for the brave actions of two Philadelphia political figures.

Let's start with Mayor Nutter, who, devastated by the murder of police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, loudly laid the blame for his death right on the doorsteps of the National Rifle Association. They, as you know, have fought every single effort, both locally and nationally, to have any type of even reasonable gun control measures enacted, and in 2004 blocked the renewal of the federal ban on assault rifles.

Mayor Nutter's characterization of them as the responsible party for the bloodletting was a rare act of defiant courage. And honorable mention goes to Delaware County Rep. Joe Sestak, who has now said he'll sign on to the reinstatement of the federal ban.

The next cheer goes to the much-maligned State Sen. Vince Fumo.

When Lancaster GOP State Sen. Mike Brubaker sponsored an anti-gay "Defense of Marriage" bill, Sen. Fumo blasted it, and him, by saying that if the Republicans in the Senate had an opportunity to reinstate slavery, they would.

Marc Golde, Merion Station