AFTER eight years of enduring the Street administration and his brothers and sisters running the city, I was eager for a fresh start under Mayor Nutter.

I lost hope after watching the mayor and his appointed police commissioner rush to fire the police officers in the alleged beating of three miscreants. What happened to the innocent-until-proven-guilty principle that criminals and low-life attorneys that defend them are quick to use when they are charged with a crime?

Joseph Messina, Philadelphia

Re Jill Porter on "Breathtaking Actions to Make City Thug-Free":

Until you enforce current laws, cut out the courtroom deals and take the thugs off the street who have no business being out of jail in the first place, let alone buying guns and committing more crimes, it's all politics.

It's easy to point fingers instead of making realistic changes in the legal system to address these issues.

Thomas G. Lutek, Philadelphia

Why Obama will bomb

Should Hillary stay in the race?

Yes, because she'll win the nomination. Barack Obama can't, and most certainly can't win the presidency.

Forget about the Rev. Wright. The big issue is his association with Weather Underground leader William Ayers, a homegrown terrorist who proudly bombed the Pentagon and police stations and to this day has no regrets about it.

Stuart Caesar, Philadelphia

Even more felon credits

"Come directly from jail, pass Go, collect $10,000."

I want to do my part to help boost the notoriety of the skills and services of the felonious workforce to city employers, so I propose a "Felony multiplier applicant preference" form.

Check the box(es) that apply:

y Single felony conviction ($10,000).

y More than one felony ($25,000).

y Political felony ($50,000).

Without a felony, you need not apply.

Is it too late to claim a credit for seating a convicted felonious judge?

Since she worked for the Philadelphian citizenry, I feel entitled to $10,000. I'll take cash.

Michael Gallagher, Philadelphia

Dead dogs on the highway

My major gripe is the number of dead dogs on the highway, mostly pit bulls. I guess when you need to dispose of the body, the highway is the best place.

Driving to work recently, I spotted a dead dog on I-95 just past the Girard exit. At work, I called PennDOT. When I drove home, near the Walt Whitman exit, wrapped around the guardrail was another dead pit bull. Was it Dump Your Dog on the Highway Week?

Janine Bosancic, Philadelphia