I LIVE IN Havertown and rarely go into Philadelphia. On Mother's Day, my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk on West River Drive.

Within the space of an hour, I got a ticket for going through a yellow light and was robbed.

We'll see about the ticket - I've pleaded not guilty. I was making a left turn from Belmont Avenue onto Montgomery Drive and contend the light was yellow as I started turning behind several other cars.

Right after getting the ticket, I parked on Belmont Plateau to walk down to the drive. Returning from our walk, we discovered that the passenger's side door was broken into with a "slim-Jim." A day later, we discovered that credit cards from my girlfriend's wallet, hidden under my coat, had been stolen.

We were told by a detective that a ring had been operating in this area, running up charges at the Target on City Line. No signs in the area warn about the hazards of parking.

Apparently, Target wasn't on the alert either, since about $2,000 in purchases were rung up. So, farewell, Philadelphia. No City of Brotherly Love are you.

Dan Blaukopf, Havertown