OP-ED WRITER Christine Flowers is bitter because liberals don't understand why uneducated, low-IQ red-staters vote against their own self-interest.

We liberals do understand why the educated (but also sometimes low-IQ) conservative elites that she speaks for would want to keep this administration in power since every time the vice president threatens Iran, the price of oil goes up (helping their rich elite friends in the oil business trumps patriotism and national security).

We understand that the declining dollar makes it easier for their elite friends in the manufacturing sector to cash in on the demands for their cheap (for the Europeans) exports.

We understand why they cut the taxes of their rich friends (despite the fact we're in an expensive, treasury-draining war) because we're being subsidized by the Chinese and our debts will have to be paid down the road by our children and grandchildren.

We understand why the conservative elite would con the conservative not-so-elite "values voters" by conflating God, religion and a never-ending "bring on the end-times" war that always (by the way) demands that the taxpayers buy more guns, tanks and planes from (who else?) their rich friends.

Even though she referenced their low IQs as a reason they vote against their own self-interests, what we liberals really don't understand is how effortless it is for them to do so.

Bill Paci, Philadelphia