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Letters: In support of the police

NO POLICE officer plans on going to work to beat up someone or get hurt themselves. They go to be available to help the community,

NO POLICE officer plans on going to work to beat up someone or get hurt themselves. They go to be available to help the community,

So when those three knuckleheads pulled up on the corner and started shooting, what were the police supposed to do? Go out for a donut and ignore the situation?

They put their lives on the line while still searching for a cop killer!

Thank God no one else got hurt or killed. Al Sharpton should have come to Philly when Mr. Conroy was killed for being white.

Kenneth Milgrom, Philadelphia

I'm sick of seeing the parents of the alleged police-brutality victims cry that their sons were targeted because they were black. Your sons had just shot at someone. Wake up and hold your kids accountable for their actions.

Your sons weren't doing random acts of kindness when they were stopped by the police, who I don't blame one bit for putting their safety above your criminal sons'.

Theresa Porter, Philadelphia

I don't live in a high-crime area. I'm more worried about gun-lovers who aren't criminals and own 25 guns and rifles and one day decide to go out and shoot everybody in the school, store or workplace, proving gun owners are a completely different breed.

Any wonder we don't trust them?

Mark Conte, Mary Esther, Fla.

(Born and raised in Philadelphia,

and my heart is still there.)

How dare anyone criticize the officers of Philadelphia in a time when they are getting assassinated by these low-life thugs. Al Sharpton says he came to Philadelphia on a "fact-finding mission." Well, here are the facts:

Fact 1. Officers are being shot with no regard by these low life punks

Fact 2. These punks have criminal records and are in and out of jail most of their life. They aren't choir boys. They commit crimes because they are to lazy to work and were probably raised by parents who did not work so they just continue the pathetic cycle.

Fact 3. Did the great and powerful Rev. Sharpton meet with Officer Liczbinski's family and say how sorry he is? I don't think so. The only time he comes out is when white people supposedly victimize black people.

Sarah Dixon, Mayfair

I agree that these officers should be disciplined, but I don't agree with their firing. These criminals just finished shooting up a streetcorner, gunning for whoever they were gunning for, and firing weapons into a crowded corner of innocent bystanders.

Can anyone understand what the officers were feeling?

The crime is this city is atrocious, No one is safe, the police force is doing their best against these ruthless killers.

And here we are with protesters for the bad guys, like they are wrongly accused, Oh, please - give me a break!

Rev. Al, sit down, please!

Teresa Dinofia, Woodlyn