IN DESCRIBING earlier examples of a rush to judgment in cases of alleged police brutality, Michael Smerconish doesn't add anything significant.

A policeman's statement that he thought a sudden movement or a wallet or other non-lethal object would result in a threat to his life is a common lie. Besides, what is a "sudden movement"? How quick must the movement be, and what body part must be involved to qualify as a threat? If it takes 50-plus shots to hit a target, or if a wallet can't be distinguished from a weapon, then police should be armed with flashlights and a pair of binoculars. And I'm not anti-police - my father was an elite officer under the late Clarence Ferguson.

Len Trower, Philadelphia

People are good at bashing, and their attention now is on the police. No matter what they do, it's never enough. If they do wrong, they should be punished. But the word "respect" is gone from our vocabulary. They should at least get that for putting themselves in danger everyday.

Josephine Zirilli, Philadelphia

I somewhat blame the city for the death of the two policemen. With all the killings last year, they should have had two policemen together at all times. And if the casinos were operating, they would have supplied money for police overtime the city claims it can't afford. If the casinos hadn't been delayed, the cops might be alive today.

Moses Cook, Philadelphia

Offensive use of Jesus

As a Catholic, I was appalled that you would run a cartoon portraying Jesus as Sen. Obama's superdelegate. This is offensive to all Christians, particularly Catholics, as it depicts an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a belittling and blasphemous manner.

Lois Marcolongo, Clementon, N.J.

Praising Arlen on Ted

I applaud Sen. Specter for his regards to Sen. Kennedy. They are legendary longtime adversaries. I also applaud Sen. Robert Byrd for his lovely gesture. But I'm saddened at comedian Jimmy Kimmel for his denegration of Sen. Byrd.

M.A. Vare, Philadelphia

Rules for city living

Letter-writer Dan Blaukopf says he and his girlfriend got a ticket and were robbed within an hour of walking on West River Drive.

First, don't enter an intersection unless it's clear, and when the light turns yellow, definitely do not proceed - you shouldn't be there in the first place.

This kind of disregard for the rules of the road has made this city a lot more dangerous for all. Ironic that you're not from here.

And I wouldn't leave my wallet under my jacket in my car in Havertown, Bryn Mawr, Wayne or anywhere else.

You think there should be signs to warn you? Please, wake up. Take responsibility. If everybody did this, we might actually get somewhere.

H.L. Heller, Philadelphia