AT THIS TIME of year, school students are on the verge of graduation and thinking, "The world is ours."

As they anticipate the future, they undoubtedly look backward as well, on their school careers. Among these grads-to-be are students whose credits include mistreating other students. This letter is addressed to these students guilty of bullying.

You may not have been reprimanded, lectured, held back, given demerits, suspended or expelled for your misdeeds, but you will still pay a penalty when you least expect it! You should not be surprised if your children are bullies or victims of bullies. As parents you will receive the complaints and will have to take action; you will thus be deservedly haunted by your own past atrocities!

What were you thinking when you made some of your fellow students suffer? What had they done wrong to deserve to become your victims? By what right did you do what you did? What were your excuses or justifications? Did you ever apologize?

If you are a parent or grandparent, have you told your family about the skeletons in your closets? Remember, you cannot keep your bullying past a secret from God!

What goes around comes around.

Students guilty of bullying, in the past or present, should take to mind one word: Beware.

Betty Colfax

Delran, N.J.