SORE LOSER"; " . . . lead rather than pout"; "Any other candidate would have faced reality with grace and pragmatism"; " . . . a campaign that became even more divisive and dishonest."

You call Hillary Clinton every name in the book, and she's supposed to endorse Barack Obama, because if she doesn't she'll "jeopardize the team's chances . . . "? What is this - everybody in the world owes Obama, and if you don't support him, you're either a racist or stupid or worse? Here's one lifelong Democrat who's sick of this Obama worship from the press, and the misogyny from the Daily News toward Hillary.

The only thing worth reading in your paper is the sports - the rest of it is garbage.

Richard Verbit, York, Pa.

When did cop killing start?

In response to the Robert Boyden's op-ed of June 2 about the death penalty, I respond in the words of Dr. Phil: Are you kidding me?

Why on God's green earth do you think that cop-killing has started in Philadelphia since the murder of Officer Daniel Faulkner? Cop-killing has gone on way before Mumia or Danny were even born.

Bhoke S. Lumumba, Merion Station

Nothing new about pay cuts

I have to comment on Abbe Fletman's, "In Defense of School Lawyers." Sorry, but if you join the public sector, that is what happens to your salary: It gets cut. Ask any police officer, teacher, or civil servant, in general.

The enormous salaries that go to the general counsel and her minions should be channeled toward students in the district. Should the public shed tears now because the schools' lawyers take a significant pay cut because they join the public sector? Give me a break!

Jan Sklaroff, Berwyn, Pa.

School CEO's pay

We have schools that don't have enough books, but we will pay Arlene Ackerman, the new school district chief executive officer, a total of $493,000 a year. Let's take a partial look at this contract:

There's $325,000 in base salary, a $65,000-a-year performance bonus, but what if the schools don't improve, do we keep the bonus?

There's a $33,000-a-year retention bonus payable after the third year, $100,000, a $65,000 supplemental pension - what the heck is a supplemental pension? How do I get that plan?

There's a new car, cell phone, BlackBerry, computer and all the other little perks that go along with it. I wonder who her agent was, Scott Boras?

After you add all the little perks: free gas credit card, chauffeur, etc., her total package will be well over $3 million for five years. Not a bad deal for a failing school district.

Anyone want to take a bet on whether it will be any better in five years?

This is taxpayers' money, and I think this is way too much to be paying any single person. So when all you little children go down to the School Reform Commission with mommy and daddy to ask why little Johnny doesn't have books, take a look at the people sitting in those high-back chairs and you will see where the money went.

Robert Stewart, Philadelphia