Daily News'

"Bracelet For Bonnie"


(May 29)

, which was clearly intended to be humorous and labeled as a photo illustration.

I was upset that NBC 10 tried to spin this into a controversy. What many TV viewers don't realize is much of TV news footage is not "real."

Television news crews routinely have subjects walk down the street, open doors, or talk to other people to produce what is called "B-roll." The reporter later records a voiceover, which is dubbed to the B-roll.

The footage is staged, but TV news never puts a disclaimer on the screen.

Is it hypocritical for NBC-10 to talk about the Daily News' appropriately-labeled photo illustration, but not mention how it blurs the lines of reality?

Sergio R. Bichao, Philadelphia

Immigrants aren't worth it

Illegal immigrants work hard and do many unpleasant jobs. But are they worth it?

They put no money back into the economy and live 20 to 30 in a single-family home that has one bathroom.

I have lived in this city all my life and I have never seen such a decline in neighborhoods like now. They don't care about anything but making money and getting drunk. Once nice tree-lined streets are beginning to resemble the city dump.

They don't care about where they live because they don't intend to stay. The only thing that they leave us with is an increase in our medical insurance because they keep having babies we have to pay for.

Alex Barto, Philadelphia

Patriotism means sacrifice

The choice is yours: Pay $4 (and more) a gallon for gasoline for your car, or walk!

Remember, there is a war going on! Be patriotic!

Ed Galing, Philadelphia