WHEN did the Delaware River Port Authority become a loan company?

Since 1999, it's spent $375 million to help finance projects like Lincoln Financial Field, the Kimmel Center, National Constitutional Center, Camden Rivershanks, Campbell's, a soccer field in Chester and a Jewish museum.

Now it's short on cash and says a toll hike is needed for repairs on its bridges and PATCO rail. Maybe when the repairs are done, DRPA will offer a toll reduction as a gesture of good faith to the thousands who use the bridges and the rail lines every day - maybe down to say $1 a trip.

Patrick Dio, Philadelphia

Trash-casino contradiction

With the mayor wanting to charge residents for trash pick uup to raise money for the city and then causing yet another delay along with Sen. Fumo and Gov. Rendell for the casinos to be able to start construction, where is the logic?

How much more money must be wasted on another lawsuit to delay casino consruction? And where are the construction trade unions? I fee they should be adamant about the delay, their members could use the work.

How many Philadelphians who need employment could now be working in the casinos if it weren't for the foot-dragging of the powers that be?

How much money has the city lost because of these delays? Where is the competency of our elected officials who are doing a disservice to those of us who elected them to do the right thing for our city?

Paul D. Kelly Sr., Philadelphia

Attacking Iran

Nuclear war with Iran is coming! Israel must strike Iran now, before they launch their missiles. All this taunting back and forth is a forerunner of WW III. Whoever makes the first move wins. This country and Israel should wait no longer.

Ed Galing, Hatboro