Re the Dec. 8 letter

"Let's Show the Mayor We Support Him":

I join my fellow Philadelphians in supporting Mayor Nutter, but I question whether Lynne Honickman gets it.

The mayor works for us. If he wants our support (including re-election), he's going to have to earn it.

Someone please let him know that the campaign is over - he won. It's time to stop the photo ops and glad-handing and get to work. The tale of budgetary gloom and doom might have been more palatable if it hadn't followed so much smiling and cutting a ribbon somewhere.

Didn't he know there were financial troubles coming? Did he get the city's bank statement one day and say, "Darn, the previous administration took too much out in ATM withdrawals - we're overdrawn!"?

Tom McCourt, Philadelphia

Hopeful on recycling

After 20 years of missteps, come the new year, we'll finally have the recycling program set up properly.

Let's hope we can have more than 20 percent of the population comply.

Ted Lahm, Philadelphia