I JUST HAD to write about

the firing of Mo Cheeks.

Once again this franchise has screwed Mo Cheeks. When they decided to trade him some years ago, he had to find out [from TV].

They did not even give him the courtesy of talking to him face-to-face.

Now, here comes Ed Stefan-ski, who doesn't even give Mo a chance to get things into place before he fires him.

It always amazes me when a general manager just ups and fires a coach because the changes he has made do not work.

In Stefanski's mind, he has brought in players; therefore, the team should be better. Well, Mo Cheeks couldn't shoot the ball for the players and the Sixers are a terrible shooting team. Look at their shooting percentage. Look at the way Iguodala, Dalembert, Green and a few others shoot the ball. Terribly! And Elton Brand isn't what Stefanski described.

But of course Stefanski had brought him in and declared the team better; therefore, they had to be better. And since they weren't, it must be Mo's fault. Not Stefanski's.

Is he going to blame himself? No chance. And then putting Tony DeLeo in charge. Isn't Stefanski essentially making the team a management team.

It almost reminds me of the Oakland Raiders and their owner. He keeps firing coaches and keeps meddling in the coaches' business.

I think Stefanski is the same way. Only he knows what to do. What are his credentials anyway? Didn't he get his wonderful knowledge of the game by announcing the Penn games?

What a background! What makes him and the Sixers president think he is the know-all-and-end-all? I certainly don't.

Andrew A. Pecora,

Egg Harbor Township, N.J.